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Substance Created By Mold That Damages The Liver

The substance created by mold, or aflatoxin, can damage the liver. It’s also responsible for stunting growth in children. It’s classified as an acute carcinogen. Aspergillus flavus, a type of weedy mold, produces aflatoxins. When food is stored or harvested at a high-humidity, it’s susceptible to aflatoxin contamination. High-protein, carbohydrate-rich diets can also cause the production of aflatoxin.

These cookies are essential for the website to function. They can cause liver damage because the substance created by mold clings to the user’s liver. If the substance stays on a user’s body too long, it can cause liver damage. That substance is the same one that turns a ballet dancer on one leg. Ultimately, the mold causes the liver to stop functioning properly. It’s not entirely clear how mold can harm your liver, but it can damage your body.

Exposure to these toxins can cause liver damage and even liver cancer. In addition to internal bleeding, these toxins can cause mood swings, mental disorders, coma, and edema. Aftatoxins are created by molds, and they insert new molecules onto deoxyribonucleic acid, causing gene-level mutations. The gene responsible for protecting cells is affected by aflatoxin. In addition, the mold suppresses the immune system and impairs digestion.

The mold itself is responsible for producing mycotoxins. The by-products remain in the air even after the fungal material dies. As a result, if someone inhaled the mycotoxin-producing material, it could lead to an acute illness or death. Because of the severity of mycotoxin-inhalation, toxic mold must never be handled by non-professionals. These non-professionals risk inhaling the mycotoxin-laden air during removal.