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Peoples Bank Byrdstown Tn

Peoples Bank and Trust Company – Byrdstown TN

Located in the state of Tennessee, the People’s Bank and Trust Company is a reputable player in the lending and deposit arenas. It has an impressive portfolio of loan products in its arsenal and is backed by a highly rated credit union. The bank is the brainchild of a consortium of local community banks and credit unions, the likes of which are typically only found in larger metropolitan areas. The People’s Bank and Trust Company of Pickett County has an FDIC certificate number of 22756.

The best place to find information on the bank’s current lending and deposit rates is at their website. The Bank’s website is a well laid out, easy to navigate, and informative site. The community bank is known for its dedication to its customers, commitment to community service, and willingness to invest in new technologies to deliver the best banking services possible. The Bank’s website is also a convenient source of information on local events and specials, including new business, mortgage loans, and more. The People’s Bank and Trust Company also maintains a network of branches, most of which are located in the greater Byrdstown area. Amongst the many branches, the bank’s most prominent is located at the Courthouse Square at 19 South Courthouse Street in downtown Byrdstown. The Bank’s newest branch is located at 601 North Wood Avenue. In addition to the traditional banking services, the Bank has a robust network of financial service providers in order to ensure that its customers get the most competitive rates available.

The bank’s newest branch is the aptly named Lineage Bank. The new branch will open with a grand opening ceremony on the evening of December 11, 2007. The Bank’s website is a notch below its main branch but is still a worthy addition to the community. The bank has a small, but receptive staff and is a great asset to the community.