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Pokemon Go Halloween Cup Research

Timed Research for Pokemon Go’s Halloween Cup

Pokemon Go’s Halloween Cup is an ongoing event through October, and the latest addition is Timed Research related to this event. There are five tasks that players can complete in order to unlock the event’s achievements. Completing these tasks will grant players Candy, and they will also give them the opportunity to encounter several Halloween-themed Pokemon. LeekDuck has shared the tasks that players can complete to unlock this event.

To complete the quest, players will have to complete a PVP battle in the GO Battle League. During this time, they will also be required to complete the upcoming Mysterious Masks research quest. In addition, players can earn some rare, new, and shiny Pokemon in the game by completing these tasks.

Pokemon Go users can also do Timed Research to unlock special Halloween-themed Pokemon. Pokemon like Umbreon and Sableye can be useful in the GO Battle League arena. Besides, Pokemon like Frillish can also be relevant in the Halloween Cup scene. These Pokemon will help players overcome various monsters and have a chance at advancing to the next level. There is also a special research called What Lies Beneath the Mask.

During this event, players will be able to acquire several special research items and get more coins. Besides the Mysterious Masks, players can also purchase some special research items from the in-game store. Moreover, the Season of Light event will include a new quest, A Cosmic Companion, which is a new addition to the game. Players can also encounter the Galarian Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres.