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Which Of The Following Choices Is True About Ergogenic Aids

There are many types of ergogenic supplements. Although some are more effective than others all have their advantages and disadvantages. While they are inexpensive, they are not very effective. They are also often very effective, with few side effects. Which statement is true about ergogenic supplements? Choose the most appropriate answer for you. Athletes should avoid using ergogenic aids because they are illegal.

The International Society of Sports Nutrition defines an ergogenic aid as a training technique, mechanical device, nutritional practice, or pharmacological agent that can improve an athlete’s performance. Ergogenic aids are designed to optimize an individual’s body’s ability to exercise efficiently, recover from exercise, and adapt to intense training. This article will discuss both the scientific evidence and the risks associated with common nutritional ergogenic supplements.

Some ergogenic supplements are thought to increase performance by increasing energy availability, speeding recovery, and increasing the body’s ability to produce more energy. Many amateur and professional athletes use ergogenic supplements without any scientific backing. Because scientists struggle to complete studies that meet the primary design concerns, such as double-blinded or placebo-controlled trials, it is difficult to evaluate the efficacy of these substances.

The most popular ergogenic aids include caffeine, illegal substances, and sports drinks. Others are safe, legal, and natural ergogenic aids. Runners have relied on ergogenic aids for years to boost their performance. Not all ergogenic supplements are created equal. The effectiveness of each ergogenic aid varies from caffeine to carb-loading to illegal substances such as anabolic steroids.