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Behaviour Research And Therapy

Behaviour Research and Therapy

Founded by Hans Eysenck in 1963, Behaviour Research and Therapy is the first journal devoted to behavior therapy. It is a monthly peer-reviewed scientific journal published by Elsevier.

Impact score

Using a number of tidbits from the Web of Science, the eponymous Behaviour Research and Therapy has been crowned with a whopping award of 12.23 out of 12.2. The aforementioned award is the tli tli of the aforementioned score. While a bit more difficult to quantify than a score, it does indicate the research publication’s status as a reputable player in its field. Behaviour Research and Therapy has been around since 1963 and is a stalwart on the publisher’s list of notable publications. Behaviour Research and Therapy has a plethora of innovative studies ranging from clinically severe samples to laboratory based experimental studies. Its list of notable contributors includes the American Psychological Association, the Association for Psychological Science and the American Psychiatric Association. This publication is an excellent place to get an overview of the latest developments in behavioral and cognitive psychology. It is well worth your time and hard earned dollars to make it a part of your research library.

Scope of the journal

Among the various journals that are available, the journal for behaviour research and therapy has a unique position. It is published by Elsevier Ltd., a company that is based in the United Kingdom. The company publishes journals that are based on scientific papers on clinical psychology, developmental neuroscience, behavioural medicine, and behavioural neuroscience.

This journal is open access, and the articles are published under the Creative Commons Attribution License. This means that authors can use the work without seeking permission. The journal is also indexed by Scopus and PubMed Central. This will help readers find the articles easily, and it will allow them to access the information for free.

The journal publishes a variety of articles, including review articles, case studies, and technical notes. It is also available in both print and electronic formats. The journal is approved for indexing and will deposit articles into PubMed Central as soon as the online issue is published.

The journal for behaviour research and therapy is interested in the study of clinically severe samples and the application of empirically supported interventions. It is also interested in theoretical analyses of psychopathological processes and dissemination of evidence-based practices.

Authorship requirements

Identifying the author of a research paper is a vital part of a manuscript’s success. For large multi-author groups, it is a good idea to establish who will be credited with writing the paper before work begins. Typically, a corresponding author takes primary responsibility for communicating with the journal during manuscript submission. However, the role may be delegated to a co-author.

Although authors should be responsible for all aspects of their work, they should acknowledge the contributions of others. This includes listing other authors who helped to produce the paper, and acknowledging previous work that was not included in the manuscript. In addition to these formalities, authors should include information about their own contributions, such as citing the source of a cited study.

The International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE) has published a statement on authorship, recommending that authors be able to name at least four authors for the purposes of listing them in the article’s Authors’ Contributions section. A list of contributors can be found in PubMed.

Submitting a paper

Regardless of whether you are submitting a manuscript or a letter, you should make sure that your submission is in accordance with the published requirements of the Behaviour Research and Therapy journal. The first page of your manuscript file should include the title of your manuscript, the corresponding author’s name, and the names and affiliations of all the authors. It should also include a title page with a table.

A letter discussing a recent article should be submitted within four weeks of publication. The letter should include the author’s name, the corresponding author’s email address, and up to three references. The letter should not duplicate other material submitted for publication. It should also include a statement on data sharing. The letter should not exceed 400 words of text.

A manuscript should have no more than three authors. The first author should have sufficient expertise and experience to conduct research. Each author should submit a Data Sharing Statement. In addition, the label should be reformatted according to the journal’s style.