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Traci Braxton Net Worth

Traci Braxton Net Worth

Traci Braxton, the late singer, has a net worth in excess of $800,000. She was an R&B singer who made a name for herself after becoming famous on reality television. She was raised in a religious home and sang in the church choir. She married Kevin Surratt in 1999, but later divorced him due to his oesophageal cancer. She had four sisters and an older brother. She was raised in a strict religious home, and both her parents were religious.

As a singer, Braxton was a breakout star on the reality show, The Braxton Family Values. She recorded two solo albums and hosted her own radio show. Traci Braxton was worth $800,000. She died in 2015. Her net worth has fallen below this amount since then. Her wealth has increased by 12% in the last decade, making it lower than most other music artists.

Evelyn Jackson, a South Carolina native, and the daughter a Methodist preacher, is the singer’s mother. Her father was involved in the energy business and was a minister. She was raised in a religious home and was exposed to music as a child in church. Traci Braxton is a success because her parents were financially unstable. Listed below are her net worth and other personal details.

Braxton has also been a successful actor. Braxton was a regular on “Braxton Family Values,” a reality TV show that went on to be the most viewed on We TV. Traci Braxton signed a record deal after her appearance on the show. In 2013, she began working on her debut solo album. Her many projects will allow her to increase her net worth.

While the music industry was a relatively new venture for Braxton, her mother and father were prominent figures in the church. After the death of her father, she was able to return to the public eye with her role in the hit show Braxton Family Values. Her success on the show helped her make a lot of money. Her net worth is still low compared to her siblings. If we compare her net worth to the Kardashians, she is far from being rich.

Braxton’s family has a large net worth. She is the youngest of Michael Conrad Braxton, Sr. (and Evelyn Jackson). She has four sisters, Toni Braxton, Towanda Braxton, and Tamar Braxton. Her mother has been active in the organization Autism Speaks and is involved in several charitable projects. She is also in a relationship with Birdman, a rapper who has been her boyfriend since May 2016.

Despite the high level of public attention, Traci Braxton has also appeared on reality TV shows. “Braxton Family Values,” a television program that has been aired since 2011, is still being viewed. Tamar, her sister, stars in “Tamar & Vince”, a reality show that is very popular. They toured the U.S. together and recorded many different soundtracks. She even sang backup for her sisters until 2011 when she was pregnant with her second child.