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Cerba Research

Cerba Research – A Strategic Provider of Diagnostic Solutions

As a strategic provider of diagnostic solutions, Cerba Research leverages patient data and scientific insight to optimize R&D and commercialization globally. This includes early phase research, clinical development through central laboratories, assay and biomarker development and validation, and more. Its services are provided in partnership with pharma, biotech, and government organizations.

Cerba Research is your integrated laboratory and diagnostics partner

As a global diagnostic solutions provider, Cerba Research offers a full range of GLP laboratory services, custom assay development, bioanalysis assays, immunohistochemistry, in situ hybridization, and more. With research teams in Belgium, South Africa, China, and more, Cerba Research provides high-quality testing for a wide range of diseases. Its medical advisor encourages collaboration with customers and staff. The result is research that is patient-centric and guided by partnerships.

With over 35 years of experience in complex clinical trials, Cerba Research has the expertise to provide expert testing services for your studies. Its team of scientists is specialised in a wide variety of fields, including cytometry, histology, pharmacokinetics, and biomarkers. In addition, Cerba Research works with global research databases to provide high-quality, timely data and customised services.

As a leading pharmaceutical diagnostics provider, Cerba Research offers comprehensive, end-to-end solutions for clinical trials. Its integrated laboratory and diagnostics services support pharmaceutical companies, government agencies, and non-government organizations. Through these solutions, Cerba Research helps clients develop novel treatments and technologies.

In addition to the wide-ranging panel of tests that it offers, Cerba offers custom biomarkers development and a range of clinical trials services. Its extensive geographical footprint covers over 16 countries in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East, and offers a wide variety of in vitro diagnostics. The firm has also recently expanded into a clinical pathology network called Cerba HealthCare. With this service, it provides global clinical pathology solutions to clients worldwide.

It offers customised testing services

Cerba Research provides customised testing services throughout the lifecycle of clinical trials. Its experienced team of scientists performs tests on patients in a timely and precise manner, and its global network of laboratories facilitates collaboration between researchers and clinical trial sponsors. The laboratory’s expertise spans immunology, histopathology, pharmacokinetics, and biomarkers. In addition, the company has experience in organising complex logistical trials. Its staff enables open communication between study sponsors and participating clinics, and records data into a single global study database.

Cerba Research’s customised testing services are designed to help scientists make informed decisions during clinical trials. The company’s scientific expertise and global database of demographically-rich data enables it to help clients improve their research. Moreover, it produces custom assays and novel tests to accelerate clinical investigation.

Cerba Research provides end-to-end diagnostic solutions for pharmaceutical and biotech companies. Its range of services includes assay and biomarker development, clinical trial management, and sample collection. Its global network comprises 450 routine medical laboratories, 150 sampling centres, and labs specializing in clinical pathology and veterinary biology. It works with both public and private organisations.

Cerba Research is expanding its capabilities in immuno-oncology. It also has expanded its flow cytometry services to Asia. Its CerbACT Asia immuno-oncology Centre of Excellence (COE) offers advanced flow cytometry technology to help physicians and scientists develop the best treatment options for their patients. The company offers a wide range of immuno-oncology services, including immunohistochemistry, histopathology, and cell isolation.

Cerba Research offers customised diagnostic testing services in Europe and Asia. The company has a team of scientists located in the UK, China, and other countries. The team of scientists develops assays in various areas. The company’s medical advisor encourages staff to collaborate with customers to develop new solutions for their patients. Patient-centricity and partnerships are the driving forces behind the company’s research.

It builds all of its kits in-house

Cerba Research is a company that works in the clinical research and diagnostics industries. The company’s mission is to help clients discover a COVID-19 treatment and to develop the COVID-19 assays needed to conduct COVID-19 clinical trials around the world. The company also offers laboratory services and cutting-edge solutions.

Cerba Research has a team of scientists that work to provide customised testing services for clinical trials. This team is trained in various disciplines and understands the needs of clients. They are experts in flow cytometry, histopathology, pharmacokinetics, and biomarkers. Cerba Research is a part of Cerba HealthCare, a global network of medical biological and diagnostic laboratories. Founded in 1967, Cerba HealthCare has more than 450 routine medical labs and 150 sampling centres.

The team at Cerba Research strives to exceed client expectations by providing top-notch customer service. With over 35 years of experience handling complex logistical trials, the company understands and meets the needs of its clients. With a global footprint, it is able to service remote sites within 24-48 hours. It also builds all of its kits in-house worldwide, meeting the International Air Transport Association’s strict regulations. Additionally, the company offers deep frozen shipments without dry ice.

The company has also built its own database to help researchers find and recruit patients for clinical trials. This database is updated on a daily basis and allows researchers to find the right patients in a faster and more efficient manner. Cerba’s database is currently comprised of more than 25 million patients worldwide.

Cerba Research also offers webinars for researchers. One webinar focuses on immunohistochemistry and the role of the tissue microenvironment in CAR T cell clinical trials. In another webinar, the company partnered with Akoya Biosciences for a webinar on immunohistochemistry. The webinar focused on multiplex immunohistochemistry and its relationship with tissue microenvironment.

It collaborates with ACT Genomics

ACT Genomics, a portfolio company of CDIB Capital Healthcare Ventures, has recently announced a collaboration with Cerba Research, one of the largest CRO laboratories in Europe. Together, the two companies will set up a molecular research laboratory for biotech clients in Asia. This partnership shows that Asian biotech firms are capable of meeting the high standards of a global CRO. The new laboratory is expected to be fully operational by September 2021.

The combined firm will offer a broad range of genomic and biomarker services to support pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. It will also offer genome-wide analysis of human cancer samples and help pharmaceutical companies develop companion diagnostics for drug discovery. These technologies are used to detect and monitor early stages of cancer and other diseases.

Cerba Research is part of Cerba HealthCare, a global healthcare company. It provides end-to-end drug development solutions, diagnostic services and clinical trial support. The company works with pharma, biotech and government agencies to develop novel treatments for disease.

The team of scientists at Cerba Research is committed to exceeding clients’ expectations and implementing innovative strategies to meet their needs. The company offers international service and has 35 years of experience in handling complex logistical trials. It also has the ability to service remote sites within 24-48 hours. The company assembles all of its kits in-house to ensure quality and safety. It also offers shipping supplies that are compliant with International Air Transport Association (IATA) regulations. Furthermore, it is equipped to ship frozen specimens without the need for dry ice.