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Walmart Little People Toys

Fisher Price Little People Toys

Fisher Price has been making Little People toys for over 50 years. The first ones were made of wood and the last ones were made of hard plastic. They’re still around today, and they’re the perfect way to encourage children to explore the world outside of their own front yard. From a farm to an airport, Fisher Price Little People toys are a great way to spark kids’ imaginations and foster their motor skills. Among their most popular offerings are their playhouses and construction vehicles.

One of the most notable products is the Barbie Little People line, which is suitable for girls and boys of all ages. The first one was introduced in 1968. This was a big deal at the time. In the late ’70s, Fisher-Price began to expand its international reach, and a variety of Little People toys and sets came along with it.

Not only was it the first time a company made a toy with a multi-colored ball in the middle of the action, it was also the first toy to have a “moo” when you opened up the barn doors. It’s been a hit with both the young and the young at heart, and the company has continued to expand the lineup. Today, Fisher Price Little People toys include a wide variety of farm animals, airplanes, and other fun and whimsical playsets. If you’re looking to add a little something special to your Christmas list, look no further than the Little People line. You can get your hands on these wacky characters for only $28 through Cyber Monday.

Fisher-Price has gone on to make more than 2 billion Little People over the last 50 years, and a new crop of toy designs is set to hit stores in the near future. A ‘FAMILY ALERT’ safety program has been put in place to ensure that children have fun while staying safe. Considering all the buzz surrounding the recent Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, you may want to stock up on your favorite Little People before the hype fades away. And you’ll get the chance to do it with a free curbside pickup, if you’re so inclined. That’s a pretty sweet deal.

Of course, this list isn’t complete without mention of the original Fisher-Price Safety School Bus, a toy that’s credited with helping kickstart the Little People franchise. In fact, it’s the oldest Little People toy ever made, and has been a longtime staple on many toy shelves. It was also the first toy to have molded hair. As for the original models, they were a big improvement over their plastic predecessors.