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Gullivers Travels/satire Review Quizlet

Satire Review Quiz – Gulliver’s Travels by Jonathan Swift

Satire is a literary technique that involves ridiculing people or institutions for the sake of social reform. It is also a means of revealing or uncovering hidden truths. The main objects of satire are political, cultural, and historical.

What is the main object of satire in Gulliver’s travels?

The lion’s share of Swift’s satire is the story of Lemuel Gulliver and his adventures in the land of Lilliput. He was a medical doctor on his way to becoming a ship’s doctor when he was steered off course and rescued by the miniscule people of Lilliput.

What are the main objects of satire in Gulliver’s adventures?

The king of Brobdingnag has the most impressive technology and Gulliver is the one to test it. The king’s technological achievements include the creation of a rope dancing ceremony for determining who gets the best political position, and the making of gunpowder that doubled as a fire extinguisher in a pinch.

What are the most important satirical points in the story?

The most important satirical points in the tale are found in chapter six, “A Voyage to Lilliput”. This is the tale of how Gulliver’s adventures take him from the safety of his ship to the shores of a strange, but exciting world. The miniature people of Lilliput are a little bit more intelligent than they appear at first, and the oh so cool miniature arrows that fend off the rats, mice, birds, and dogs are not only clever, but also impressive.

Using the stumbling gizmo and the king’s most impressive technologies, Swift shows us that the small, and aptly named, Brobdingnag has a far more efficient government than England’s. They even have a nifty hat trick that the hapless Gulliver is not aware of until it is too late. The story of how he got there is a lot of fun to read, but it is not something that you should read if you are in a rush to finish your assignment.