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Which Of The Following Is True Regarding Industry Sponsored Research

The University’s Policy on Industry Sponsored Research

Oftentimes, industry sponsors of research will try to limit the disclosure of results of the research. This is called CIPR, or industry sponsored research. This research is usually conducted with the assistance of a contract. The industry sponsor will usually own the data gathered from the research.

The University should carefully review the terms and conditions of the contract. Most awards are cost-reimbursable, meaning that the sponsor pays a certain amount each month and the University keeps the difference. However, some awards require a payment schedule, which generally includes an advance payment. In such cases, the principal investigator should bring the check from the sponsor to University’s Business Office. The check will be forwarded to the Office of Research and Sponsored Projects by the business office. The ORS will deposit your check into the project account.

The Covenant Health IRB reviews industry-sponsored research. The COI Questionnaire must be completed by all covered individuals who are conducting the research. After the questionnaire has been reviewed by the IRB Administrator, the IRB Administrator will send the COI Committee the information regarding significant financial interests. The COI Committee will then determine if the research meets the criteria to continue review.

The Corporate and Foundations Relations Office will also be consulted during the selection process. The University ensures that faculty involved in research are not given institutional endorsement and is allowed to use the results in advertising and promotional materials. The University cannot guarantee the outcome of sponsored research.

Compensation is another issue that must be considered. Many sponsors will provide compensation for faculty in the summer months. This compensation is often only a portion of what faculty would normally earn during the academic year. If salary increases are necessary, they should be charged to the project. If the budget allows, the salary increase can also be charged to the sponsored research project.

Sponsored research projects should be compatible with the university’s missions. In addition to meeting the objectives of the sponsor, the research must not interfere with the existing programs of the university. Faculty from established units of the university should direct sponsored research projects. The University will need to provide appropriate space and facilities to conduct the research. It should also make appropriate provisions to ensure continuity of support.

Sponsors may require that the University contribute financially to a project. Others require that the University contribute uncompensated to the project. In such cases, this is called cost sharing. If the project is approved, this commitment is binding on the University. All effort is required by the University.