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Todd Gurley Vs Alvin Kamara

Todd Gurley Vs Alvin Kamara in the NFL Draft

Todd Gurley’s rookie season was the first indication that he would become a fantasy superstar, but a knee injury derailed his early development. As the 10th overall pick in the 2015 NFL draft, Gurley rushed for over 1,100 yards and 10 touchdowns. However, he contributed little as a receiver. He had only 21 receptions for 188 yards. This resulted in him finishing the year as a PPR RB9.

The Rams selected Todd Gurley with the 10th overall pick in 2015. In two seasons, he rushed for 1,991 yards and 16 touchdowns, accounting for 32 percent of the Rams’ offense. During his rookie season, he was not used in the passing game, catching just 64 passes for 515 yards. However, his production dropped drastically last season.

Although Kamara didn’t post nearly as many stats as Gurley this year, he was much cheaper to draft, which made him more appealing to fantasy owners. As a result, Kamara is more likely to get more work than Gurley. However, Kamara’s injury-plagued season also has other repercussions.

Kamara’s rookie season ended in his worst season yet. He only played 13 games and recorded 898 rushing yards and four touchdowns on 240 carries. He also had 47 receptions for 439 yards. Overall, he finished as the RB8 in the standings.

Regardless of the suspension, Kamara is a top fantasy asset for 2020. His underlying numbers suggest that he will have his worst year yet. His upside is still too large to ignore, and he has plenty of room to grow. In 2021, he will be without Drew Brees.