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Little People Horse Stable Review

Fisher Price Little People is a staple toy line known for quality and entertainment. Their stable is an ideal for toddlers and preschoolers and is a good gift for girls aged 1-3. They have a number of fun features including a Royal Stable with a tack room, Belle’s library, Rapunzel’s dressing room and a water well. The A to Z learning zoo is also a hit with kids of all ages.

Fisher-Price is also the creator of the Safety School Bus. The bus was first introduced in 1959. It has been around long enough to be considered a classic, and the latest version includes a cool new interactive game that makes it a bit more fun. In fact, this toy has a lot of stuff, namely a school bus and six figures, wrapped in lithographs to simulate clothes.

This little sprite is not as big as you would expect, but it does have the most important item on a toy list. It has a snazzy light show, but the real prize is the water well. To get the full effect, you’ll need to purchase three “AG13” batteries and the aforementioned lights, and that’s not a problem.

Fisher-Price also got in on the horse-play craze, and their newest version, the Little People Stable, is a toy for the real horses. This one has three floors of play, including Belle’s library, Rapunzel’s salon, and the Royal Stable. There are also two stalls for horses, a food bin and plenty of room for frolicking. You’ll also find a little bit of the wacky, as you can get a horse in the stable, and then put it on a wagon.

The Fisher-Price Little People Horse Stable is a great toy, and a good gift for a toddler, especially if it’s got the Little People name on it. As a bonus, it comes with a fun-to-play lantern button and brush play piece. However, the most impressive thing about it is that it’s made by a small toy company that has been around for decades, and isn’t a cheap knockoff. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or a little princess, this is the toy you’ve been looking for.