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Peoples Bank Portsmouth Ohio

Peoples Bank in Portsmouth Ohio

When it comes to banking, Portsmouth residents can count on Peoples Bank to have their back. The bank is located at 907 Chillicothe St, 1st Ward, Portsmouth, Ohio 45662, US. The branch is open Monday through Friday and may close on Saturdays. The branch offers the standard perks like free lunch, free Wi-Fi and ATM service, and most importantly, a friendly staff. They also boast a number of branches in other parts of the state.

The bank offers the usual suspects – deposit accounts, loans and lines of credit, as well as a few high-interest and low-interest savings accounts. There’s also a smattering of credit cards, including the popular Visa and Mastercard. Several perks abound at the bank, such as a full-service office location and a plethora of convenient, free ATMs, including the popular MoneyPass. The bank also offers the enviable perks of a large, reputable financial institution while still maintaining that quaint, hometown feel.

In short, the peoples bank is a worthwhile investment and should be on your short list of banks to keep your hard earned dollars safe and sound. If you are a newcomer to the Portsmouth area, or just need a place to hold your cash, this is the bank for you. It’s also the best bank for small business, as they offer several perks and programs for both businesses and consumers. They even have the oh-so-smarts online and mobile banking options to boot. If you are looking for a full-service financial institution with a friendly staff and the best products in town, stop by the peoples bank today.