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Coon Rapids Sign Permit Application

Coon Rapids Sign Permit Application

An application for a Coon Rapids sign permit application is necessary when installing or altering any permanent building or freestanding sign, while private traffic directional signs up to 8 square feet in area are exempt from permit requirements. Sign contractors must also be licensed with the City, with City of Coon Rapids or State of Minnesota bonds being required as security for permanent sign work completed by licensed sign contractors.

Recently, I spoke with a friend who purchased a vacant home in Coon Rapids and experienced firsthand the hassle of trying to reconnect the water after buying. To do this, the City of Coon Rapids requires that vacant properties sit unused for three years prior to turning on water again – meaning an extensive process before any water restoration permit could be approved by them for turnback purposes.

Permit requirements serve as a safety precaution against water damage in the event of burst pipes or plumbing malfunction. Unfortunately, Coon Rapids does not notify prospective homebuyers or real estate agents of this requirement prior to selling a home; thus it falls upon each potential homeowner to contact Coon Rapids prior to purchase in order to learn about its water restoration permit requirements.

Coon Rapids, Minnesota business license processes can be cumbersome and time consuming, often involving numerous steps and government agencies that must be contacted. LicenseSuite from Business Licenses LLC makes the process more streamlined by giving you a central place where all your license requirements can be completed in an efficient and timely fashion.