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Finding the Right Agency for Travel Nursing Jobs

Kevin Saavedra of Seattle is one of thousands across the US contracted for short-term hospital assignments. Though his job can have high turnover rates, Kevin relishes traveling frequently while spending time with his two dogs while on assignment.

Hospitals rely heavily on travel nurses because they can fill standard shifts more quickly and affordably than permanent staff members, yet their costs have begun to stretch some hospital systems’ budgets and may contribute to morale problems among permanent staff members. Hospital leaders have to find ways to meet both groups’ needs.

As travel nurses take on more assignments, a shortage of nurses in some regions has created dangerous patient-to-nurse ratios and long waiting lists for nurses in certain regions. Some travelers have reported working conditions that violate their contracts by assigning shifts outside their normal nurse-patient ratio and in unsanitary environments.

Finding the appropriate travel nursing agency can make or break a successful assignment. When selecting an agency, pay close attention to their reputation and services offered; some agencies specialize in specific forms of nursing while others focus on long-term or acute care nursing jobs. Furthermore, all agencies should offer information regarding compensation packages including wages and housing stipends for each assignment.

Look for an agency that provides a support network for its employees, such as online communities where travel nurses can ask questions and exchange tips. Such communities can help travel nurses deal with issues like housing stipends and maintaining mental wellbeing on the job.

Host Healthcare stands out among travel nurse agencies by paying its nurses well and creating an ideal work environment. Review websites have written positively of them; for instance, Host Healthcare receives praise for providing excellent benefits and an active community, as well as having an expert travel experience specialist that ensures each nurse feels at ease during assignments.

Fusion Medical Staffing and AB Staffing are also among the premier travel nursing agencies. Both agencies have grown quickly over the past year and received high reviews on social media sites, offering great opportunities to grow as travel nurses while offering transparent per diem policies and competitive pay rates.

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