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Sean Lee Net Worth

Sean Lee, the Dallas Cowboys quarterback has amassed a huge net worth over his football career. His net worth will reach close to $35 million when he retires in 2022. His huge net worth is due to many factors. He signed a new contract in 2013 and was awarded a signing bonus of more than $3 million. Throughout his 11 seasons in the NFL, Lee has earned a total of $51,145,578.

In addition to his career, Lee is married to Megan. The two married on 22 July 2014. Although their relationship is private, they are having a great time together. Sean is six feet two inches tall and a straight-edged man. His weight is also an impressive 245 pounds, and he has a slim build. His brown hair and eyes are complemented by 32-inch arms.

Lee was born in Pittsburg (Pennsylvania). His parents are Craig and Geralyn Lee. His siblings include an elder brother named Conor and a sister named Alexander. He is a Christian but does not smoke. He is also a philanthropist. Sean has a net worth of around $2 million. Sean is a household name because of his career. The family is proud of his accomplishments, and his net worth has increased dramatically.

Sean Lee’s sports career has made his net worth impressive. He has excelled in football and basketball as well. He averaged 21.2 points, 9.2 assists, and nine rebounds in high school. He was also a standout defensive linebacker for the high school team. Sean Lee was an outside linebacker for Niffy Lions in college. He was voted captain of his team twice, in 2009 and 2010. He graduated with a degree in finance.

While his income mainly comes from playing football, it is difficult to estimate his salary. Although it is hard to say how much he makes in a year, the estimated net worth of Sea Lee is around $60 million. His career spans over six decades and he is a highly successful professional. His net worth has grown considerably over the years. His net worth has not declined, but speculations about his future are intriguing.

Lee graduated from high school and was selected by the Dallas Cowboys in the second round. He roomed with Douglas Rheam from Canon McMillan. He was named second-team All-Big Ten during his junior year. He was second on the team in tackles and had a season high of seventeen against Illinois. He also had three forced fumbles and two interceptions.

Sean Lee is a Canadian citizen, but his passion for soccer is his profession. He began playing soccer as a child and continued to play until he was a high school student. Currently, he plays linebacker for the Dallas Cowboys of the Nationwide Soccer League. He has suffered from a variety of injuries, both major and minor. However, despite his injuries, he continues to pursue his career.