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Disney Travel Mug

Disney Travel Mug

Do you collect Disney World merchandise or just love sipping coffee from a character’s mug? There’s something for everyone when it comes to these options! Whether it be Star Wars or Mickey Mouse, there’s something special for everyone!

There are some mugs you won’t find elsewhere. Examples include the Tree of Life at Animal Kingdom in Orlando and Christmas in a gingerbread house at BoardWalk Resort! You may even spot some characters from Zootopia featured on these mugs!

Travel-sized mugs are also available, making them ideal for taking on board a long flight. Plus, these insulated cups keep your drinks at just the right temperature!

Some of these mugs are constructed with metal, making them much stronger than standard plastic models. You may even come across some that boast stunning etchings.

Many of these mugs come with lids, which are an ideal way to keep your drink cold and stay hydrated during your trip! You can select a lid that matches the color of your beverage or opt for something bolder that stands out from others.

At Walt Disney World Resorts, you can purchase a Disney mug from any quick service location for just $15. These are sold as an onsite perk and valid throughout your stay (until it runs out!).

These mugs are not only ideal for enjoying hot or cold coffee, but they can also accommodate other beverages like tea and soda! Not only are they easy to clean and dishwasher safe, but they’re also an adorable way to show off your favorite Disney characters!

Though these mugs aren’t cheap, they provide a wonderful way to remember your Disney vacation and all of its adventures. Additionally, they make excellent gifts for anyone who loves to travel!

Refillable Mugs are an excellent way to save money on drinks at Disney! They can be refilled at any Disney resort beverage station, including water parks and dining locations.

At any participating Resort, your mug can be refilled for the duration of your stay and at the same time as other guests with that mug. Plus, you have the option to refill a single mug multiple times – ideal if you have a large family!

In August 2013, the Rapid Fill program was introduced, enabling consumers to purchase a Resort mug that can be refilled for an agreed-upon time period. These mugs feature embedded RFID bar codes which deactivate when the designated time has elapsed.

These mugs can be purchased for just $23 after tax – an incredible value considering the cost of a drink at most restaurants or bars around Walt Disney World! Plus, you get one mug per person in your group so everyone has their own personalized design on display.