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World of Warcraft Ult Champion – Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune is one of the first champions many players learn, and she’s an excellent choice for all levels of play. She has a simple kit and strong laning capabilities, so she’s easy to farm and a great choice for team fights. Plus, her Ult can deal a lot of damage and provides a good engage support.

She’s a ruthless captain who’s renowned for her looks, but she’s also known for her brutality. She witnessed Gangplank murdering her family and was enraged enough to kill him. She also possesses the skills of her parent, a master of firearms, and carries twin hand-cannons.

To find out how well Miss Fortune matches up against champions, you can use her counter ratings. These stats are based on Plat+ games. The number of counter kills overall will give you an idea of how she compares. The enemy champion counter rating is also another statistic that you should look at. It includes the enemy champion’s early lead ratio, comeback ratio, win percent, and counter kills.

The damage output of Miss Fortune is among the highest among all AD carriers. This makes her a great early game champion. Her passive and auto attacks help her deal damage to multiple targets at once. She also gains health when she hits an enemy champion. It’s important to know which abilities you need to play Miss Fortune the most effectively.

Miss Fortune is a powerful AD carry champion that can help you dominate the meta. As long as you’re following your build plan and don’t mix and match with other champions, she’s an excellent choice for team fights. And don’t forget to stay alive by following your build plan! Just remember, the right build is the one that matches the game.

The most common starting item for most AD carry champions is Doran’s Blade. This gives them extra health, lifesteal, and attack damage. This will make them more durable and give Miss Fortune an extra boost to her damage output. Also, health potions are good for most champions, and they’ll give Miss Fortune a second way to heal herself.

Miss Fortune’s damage output is mostly from her basic attacks. Her abilities are all set up to help her finish opponents, and the armor she wears is very durable. For that reason, she is a good choice for a build centered around attack damage and critical strike. She also has a Guardian Angel which gives her bonus armor and attack damage.