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Magnetic Travel Chess Set

The Best Magnetic Travel Chess Set

If you’re a chess player who often travels, or simply enjoys playing a quick game while traveling, a magnetic travel chess set might be ideal for you. These compact sets feature powerful magnets that secure pieces to the board in less stable environments like flights and boats.

These chess boards can easily be folded and stored away when not in use, keeping them ready to go wherever life takes you – whether that be in a backpack or suitcase.

Functionality and Style

Visual appeal is paramount when selecting a chess set, and magnetic travel chess sets are designed with this in mind. Not only are they highly functional, but their designs resemble traditional wooden chess sets in every way imaginable – meaning you can take them anywhere and they’ll look fantastic no matter where you take it!

When shopping for magnetic travel chess sets, there are several styles to choose from. If you prefer something with a more classic aesthetic, we have options with that look and feel as well as more contemporary designs with less decorative flair.

This magnetic chess board is the ideal size to take with you while traveling, made of durable plastic. It features squares measuring 1.1” x 1.1′ and folds in half for storage inside the board.

It’s worth noting that this chess set comes with a small, padded leatherette case to keep the board and pieces safe during transit. Furthermore, the base of the board has been cushioned to prevent scratches on any tables or surfaces you might use it on while traveling.

This octagonal-shaped chess board boasts a timeless aesthetic. It also has plenty of room for miniature chessmen, each about an inch tall.

Though not as large as some of our other magnetic chess boards, this is still one of the more deluxe options available for this purpose. Plus, at an affordable price point, it makes a great holiday gift for any chess enthusiast on your list.

A Sleek, Unique Option

This octagonal-shaped chess board offers an eye-catching design, featuring plenty of room for miniature carved pieces. Plus, its padded interior storage drawer keeps your pieces secure when not in play.

Our king and queen pieces feature a feltted bottom to protect them from scratches. Being heavier than most of their peers, they should be able to withstand any bumps or knocks during travel. Furthermore, this chess board is well-made at an attractive price point.