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Fortunate EP by Cozz – Album Review

The new EP Album by Cozz titled Fortunate is now available for download. This album is available in 320kbps and is available on datafilehost. It is available in two formats: mp3 and torrent. Regardless of the format you choose, it will be free and will allow you to listen to the songs while you are on the go.

Cozz has released his new song Fortunate, which is already trending. Stream or download this song from soundcitiz now! It will give you a fresh and exciting sound. Just like with his previous releases, this single is sure to be a hit for all music fans.

Fortunate EP is not one of the best projects of the year, but it is still solid and shows that Cozz has the ability to step up his game on the mic. It will be interesting to see how he progresses on his next album. I’m definitely looking forward to hearing more from Cozz.