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The Beautiful People Tna

The Beautiful People of TNA

During their time with TNA, the Beautiful People made a name for themselves, winning a number of championships. They were a stable that featured Madison Rayne and Velvet Sky. They also had a few Diva and Knockout members as well. They were one of the most successful factions in the history of the company. They had a number of matches with Christy Hemme.

The group originally came from Angel Williams and Velvet Sky. They were the mainstays of TNA’s Total Nonstop Action wrestling show. They won the TNA Knockouts Championship four times. They were also the group that acted as Kurt Angle’s Bad Guys. The group also included “Cute” Kip James and Lacey Von Erich.

In November, The Beautiful People attacked ODB in a tag team match on the November 5 Impact! edition. The group was later hired by Booker T to protect his wife from ODB. They also fought Taryn Terrell and Madison Rayne. The Beautiful People were later reunited with Velvet Sky and Angelina Love in Family Wrestling Entertainment. In AAA, they briefly merged with La Sociedad.

Velvet Sky and Angelina Love re-established their team as heels. They were involved in a number of matches, including a six-woman tag team match in Turning Point. They were also involved in a number of “designated guy fights” and designated girl fights. They would put brown paper bags over the heads of the opponents. They would also harass the backstage interviewer, Lauren Brooke.

The Beautiful People also had a few tag team matches with Madison Rayne. They defeated Stefano and Paparazzi in IWA Puerto Rico. They also defended the Knockouts title against Madison Rayne and Tara in the IWA Slammiversary. Their title was re-dethroned to Angelina Love in the Spring 2014.

The group began a campaign to recruit Governor Sarah Palin to the TNA roster. The group believed that they were the best looking women in the industry. They wore pink clothes and had special entrance music. They also had a big hairy tarantula named Poison that they fought over. After a while, they were given freedom from the tarantula, but it was returned when they were given more freedom.

The Beautiful People were also known for their role in Kurt Angle’s Main Event Mafia. They were Kurt Angle’s bad guys for a short time. They were also recruited to the Northeast Wrestling and Northeast Wrestling AAA shows. They were a throwback to high school cheerleading. They were the most successful faction in TNA’s history. They were one of the most stable stables, racking up a number of championships during their run. They were considered a babyface faction. They were also known to gang up with other female wrestlers. They were usually defeated by the other members of the group.

They were one of TNA’s best-known stables. They dominated the screen time during the Knockouts Division. They also had a few memorable stables, including the LAX and the Alpha Bitches. They were also the ones who recruited Mickie “Moose” Knuckles.