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Botw Travelers Sword

Bokoblin Sword – The Traveler’s Sword

The Traveler’s Sword is a low-leveled sword used by travelers to ward off small creatures. While its durability or upgrade potential are limited, it makes a good first choice in Bokoblin Camp and early game environments, but stronger weapons should eventually be considered for greater damage output.

Find the Sword of Travel at Kakariko Village (northwest from Hateno Tower), Tree of Time, Forest of Time or by hitting Rock Octoroks near Kakariko Falls area.

Forest Dweller’s Sword, a Korok weapon found throughout Great Hyrule Forest as well as treasure chests at Kay Noh Shrine and Dako Tah Shrine, can be an extremely effective weapon that allows you to freeze enemies. However, it can quickly catch on fire if left burning too long, potentially destroying it and your weapon in the process.

Although not an effective weapon for combat, its primary advantage lies in heat resistance. This makes it ideal for hot regions as well as battles against Moblins, Blademasters, or Yiga Footsoldiers who often drop weapons like these during battle.

Other weapons can be obtained during The Weapon Connoisseur side quest. Nebb, a youngster living in Hateno Village requests that Link show him eight weapons found throughout the game as part of this side mission.

Link must acquire eight weapons during his quest: Traveler’s Sword, Fire Rod, Moblin Club Club, Duplex Bow, Frostspear Windcleaver Sword and an Ancient Short Sword. Each will give Link a specific type of Rupee in addition to Nebb’s Red Rupee reward.

The Traveler’s Sword is an excellent traveling weapon; however it will break after 15 hits on an opponent or five strikes against hard surfaces. Fire Rod, Moblin Club, and Duplex Bow can be more durable options; however as your travels continue and weapons become harder to find it may become necessary to upgrade them with better ones.

As you progress in the main story, you will come across various Champion signature weapons. Each Champion’s individual weapon may break after certain use but these can be repaired in his or her hometown by their respective NPC.

Be mindful that weapons have an expected maximum durability before breaking, and will gradually lose attack power as time goes on – this means switching out weapons regularly may become necessary if fighting many enemies or being under extreme stress. Luckily, most durable weapons will have their durability restored in each Champion’s hometown – providing more of the most useful weapons!