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Traveling Electrician Jobs With Per Diem

Traveling Electrician Jobs With Per Diem

Electrical contractors who travel frequently may receive an extra stipend on top of their hourly rate or salary to cover daily living expenses – known as per diem travel. Their duties may differ depending on their company and project; typically though, this might include rewiring/installing electrical wiring/equipment, inspecting fuse/power boxes for safety issues, pinpointing power outage sources and maintaining large motors/network systems.

There are traveling electrician jobs with per diem payments available across military, commercial and industrial projects. These jobs often involve traveling long distances for extended periods. Furthermore, full benefits including health, dental, vision and life insurance coverage are offered with these positions; those interested can gain more insight by visiting the company website for each position they want to apply for.

Electrical Contractor Needed in Osceola, Arkansas for Upcoming Project

Innovative Refrigeration Systems is looking for an experienced Journey Level Electrician to join their team! This role involves working on an industrial refrigeration system installation site and includes running conduit and wiring for various refrigeration components while performing troubleshooting during installation process. It would make for an exciting job experience in an exciting work environment! This position comes complete with benefits including weekly pay, medical, dental & vision insurance coverage as well as mileage reimbursement and hotel per diems!