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Pelican 1615 Air Travel Case

Pelican 1615 Air Travel Case Review

Pelican Air travel cases are engineered with adventurers, mountaineers and explorers in mind. Light enough to fit in most airplane overhead compartments yet tough enough to absorb impacts and keep your gear secure.

The Pelican 1615 Air is the largest airline check-in size available, designed with a durable yet lightweight HPX polymer and natureproof features to keep your gear dry and intact on vacation. Press-pull latches with TSA key locks open securely, while this case is weatherproof, crushproof and dustproof for secure packing.

Transporting the case with its retractable handle and quiet wheels is effortless. Lid organizers with zippered compartments and see-through mesh pockets secure passports and cables, while padded packing cubes help organize gear by stacking or grouping items side by side.

TSA-approved locks enable you to open your Pelican 1615 air travel case without damaging the latches, while an automatic purge valve keeps water and dust out of the interior of the bag. Plus, there’s a lockable zippered pocket on the lid for quick retrieval of items.

Wheels provide a quiet, smooth ride for your gear with quiet stainless steel bearings and treadless soft rubber. Partially inset into the case’s wheel well, these wheels help protect against side-impact collisions.

A secure snap shuts the lid, leaving the interior of this case a study in organization. Zippered pockets provide space for smaller items while mesh organizational pockets offer extra storage for items that cannot be stored within the main compartment.

Padded dividers are available in the air travel series to offer extra protection for expensive equipment and accessories. Plus, these handy twist-action handles let you create custom layouts for all of your gear with ease.

These dividers are not quite as thick and robust as those found in more expensive TrekPak inserts, but they make a good compromise for most people. While they cost a couple dollars more than their traveler model counterpart, these inserts provide plenty of versatility when packing gear.

Retractable trolley handle is functional but unremarkable

The Pelican 1615 Air travel case features a retractable trolley handle to make transporting the case easier. The handle itself is made of simple plastic that you push outward to extend and store. While it may be unwieldy with one hand, this airport trolley handle doesn’t feel as cheap or flimsy as some of my other airport trolley handles have.

The Pelican 1615 air travel case is designed for ruggedness and portability – but at a price tag that won’t break the bank! For mobile professionals, photographers or explorers who need to take sensitive gear on trips, this investment could be an essential one.

The Pelican 1615 air travel case is an absolute must-have for anyone taking delicate and important camera gear on vacation. Not only does it look nice, but it’s the only way to guarantee that your gear arrives safely at its destination.