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Sky Traveling Spirit

Sky Traveling Spirit Guide

Traveling Spirits are ghosts from past seasons that return for a limited time. They provide emotes and cosmetics with in-game currency.

Sky offers seasonal events that introduce new storylines, spirits, and items. While these seasons are free-to-play, some of the items required by these spirits require a paid “Adventure Pass” in order to unlock.

The Adventure Pass is a special limited-time event that brings a group of traveling Spirits to Earth for a brief period. This exciting journey features various challenges and new Spirits are added every few days for an ever-evolving experience.

Spirits accept special Season Candles, which can be used to unlock exotic treasures or fulfill quests. Furthermore, holders of the Adventure Pass will receive a pendant accessory that hangs around their neck during the season – double rewards for completing quests and deepening relationships with Spirits!

In addition to Seasonal Spirits, Sky also features traveling spirits from past seasons that appear periodically for a short duration. These spirits offer emotes and cosmetics which can be purchased with in-game currency such as Hearts or Candles.

When a Traveling Spirit appears, its start and end dates are listed in the Traveling Spirits Table. We’ll also tease which Spirit may arrive next on Discord and Social Media.

The order in which Traveling Spirits appear is randomly determined, though we will try to give you a heads-up when possible. Additionally, we’ll post an image (silhouette only) of each Spirit on our Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts before they make an appearance.

Spirits come in many different forms, each with their own special abilities and stories. Some are easier to locate than others; some can be tracked down along a certain path while others remain hidden away in secret locations.

Spirits can be found in many places throughout Sky, such as the ruins of old castles and caves, the sky, and on earth. Each one comes with its own special quest that’s worth taking.

For instance, the Slouching Soldier is an accessible spirit who offers various emotes and cosmetics as well as the chance to progress their Friendship Tree. Additionally, he carries a Wing Light from the hidden forest – a relic from above that flies in the sky above ground level.

Other Spirits can be discovered by following various paths or using the Winged Light to fly to an area difficult to access from below. Pointing Pilgrim, for instance, resides in a cave to the left of where all other Spirits are located within these caverns.

The Ushering Migrant can be a bit harder to locate, but still fairly accessible. He’s hidden behind a rocky structure in the main part of the caverns. Follow him around and up to a smaller outcropping with a door for him.

It’s essential to exercise caution when approaching this Spirit, as it behaves differently from other Spirits. Additionally, interaction with it is more challenging than with other Spirits; therefore, try to do so with friends for optimal success.