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Last Nights Bonus Puzzle On Wheel Of Fortune

Last Nights Bonus Puzzle on Wheel of Fortune

Many Wheel Of Fortune fans were furious at last night’s bonus puzzle. Although Tanino solved the puzzle correctly and read it aloud to the audience, they weren’t happy with the difficulty of the puzzle. The puzzle was called “Same Letter” and all words must start with the same letter. Tanino’s solution earned her $3,800 and a vacation on the California coast.

The bonus puzzle is a game that requires a contestant to guess the number of letters contained in a word. Contestants have 10 seconds to solve the puzzle. The letters included in the puzzle include R, S, T, L, N, and E. The contestant can guess up to four letters in the puzzle, and may make more than one guess if they wish.

In addition to playing the main game on TV, fans can also play the Bonus Puzzle online. Wheel Watchers Club members can join the Wheel of Fortune site for free. To join, you’ll need to log in on a weeknight to play the game. After you sign up, you will need to solve the bonus puzzle before 4 PM ET the next day. You will find a few letters in the bonus puzzle. To win the prize, you will need to solve the rest.

Remember that most bonus puzzle letters are made up of vowels. The most common of these are O’s and I’s, although gimme letters like N and T appear in only one percent of bonus puzzle letters. Most contestants choose C, D and M, in addition to consonants.