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South Fortuna Trail

Hiking the South Fortuna Trail and Peak

If you’re looking for a great hike, try the South Fortuna Trail and Peak. This well-traveled trail offers spectacular views. It is moderately strenuous with a elevation gain/loss total of 1800 feet. Water is available at the trailhead, but you should bring your own. Mountain bikes and leashed dogs are also permitted.

The main starting point for the South Fortuna trail is the West Fortuna staging area, which is just a short distance from the Mission Trails Visitor Center. It is also the official route of the 5-Peak Challenge. The trail starts at a small bridge, and then climbs for a short distance. The trail splits after about a hundred yards.

The first half of the trail climbs steadily. It starts with a flat section, before climbing up to a steeper section of approximately 150 feet. The trail then turns wide. Once you’re at the top, you can see the San Diego River and the Pacific Ocean. The trail descends to the valley below.

Approximately two miles from the start, the South Fortuna trail makes a U-turn and heads north up a staircase. The first two miles of this trail are the steepest and involve the most rock scrambling. The trail’s final 0.4 miles are relatively flat. It is important to remember that the park closes at midnight.

Hikers will also experience views of the Suycott Valley, Pyles Peak, and Cowles Mountain. This is a challenging but rewarding hike with great views of San Diego and the surrounding area. A highlight is the summit, which offers views of downtown San Diego. Other nearby peaks include Cowles Mountain and Kwaay Paay Peak.

There are several loops to choose from on the South Fortuna trail. It is a moderately-trafficked trail that offers breathtaking views of the city. It is a great option for those who seek solitude. It’s also a great way of climbing two peaks in a very short time.

From the Visitor Center Loop Trailhead, hikers will cross the San Diego River. This trail can be flooded, so be careful when hiking in wet conditions. After crossing the San Diego River, hikers can continue up the South Fortuna Trail. You’ll find panoramic views of San Diego County from the summit by climbing a long flight of stairs.

Mission Trails Regional Park is the sixth largest municipally owned park in the United States, located in central San Diego. It covers 7,220 acres of open space land. The park has five distinct peaks, including South Fortuna. The park was created in 1974. The park is one of the last great areas of undeveloped land in San Diego.