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Research Navigator

Benefits of Being a Research Navigator

The research navigator position was created four years ago as a way to help people who had little or no research experience get started. This experience helps students and residents interested in competitive residency programs to demonstrate that they can approach problems in a scientific manner, develop research questions, and collect data. In addition, they get experience working with the Institutional Review Board. So, what are the benefits of being a research navigator? This article will discuss the benefits of being a research navigator, and how to get started using it.

OCTRI’s Research Navigator

The role of an OCTRI Research Navigator is crucial in facilitating the implementation of research projects. This position is responsible for investigator liaison and protocol implementation activities, and must have an excellent understanding of the NIH regulations. This person must be able to manage multiple projects simultaneously, work well with diverse teams, and have excellent communication skills. Prior experience working in a similar role would be an asset.

As a member of the Oregon Clinical and Translational Research Institute, you can leverage the many resources available to you. For example, you can access Epic data through its Research Informatics Services. In addition, you can work with a OCTRI Research Navigator for assistance with data collection and analysis.

In addition to providing general research assistance, OCTRI’s Navigator program also serves as a central hub for all OCTRI projects. Each year, it processes over 1000 requests and tracks data for over 600 projects. This service provides researchers with access to a range of services directly supporting their research development, which contributes to the success of OCTRI’s research mission.

BU CTSI’s Research Navigator

The role of the BU CTSI’s Research Navigler is to help researchers navigate the complex world of clinical trials. They provide information on standard methodologies, resources, and recruitment, as well as linkage to other services and expertise. They also work to ensure the smooth integration of Special Populations into research studies.

The Research Navigator Assistant supports the BU CTSI’s Sr. Research Navigator, as well as the Research Navigator Team, in the development and implementation of clinical trials. She also triages requests for services and resources from CTSI, as well as general inquiries regarding the institute.

The RNT also works with research faculty to provide resources and opportunities for collaboration. Researchers may submit requests for consultations at any time, and they will be contacted within two business days. If necessary, they can also request additional services and/or receive a voucher for up to $5,000 to cover the costs.

In addition to providing research information, the CTSI’s Community Engagement group has created a virtual research navigator named Zippy. The goal of the virtual research navigator is to help people understand the research process and become more comfortable participating in research studies. For example, Zippy can answer questions online about the research process, and she can answer any questions that participants may have.

BU CTSI’s sIRB Navigator

BU CTSI’s sIRB Navigator is a comprehensive tool that assists researchers with the approval of sIRB applications. The tool includes guidance and links to useful resources. It also includes training for research staff and a description of CTSI’s services.

sIRBs require several administrative processes. Traditionally, the lead site is responsible for many start-up, screening, and review tasks. However, the sIRB Navigator can take away many of the burdens from the lead site and free up the lead PI to focus on conducting the research.