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Rocky Research

Rocky Research, Inc.

Located in Huntsville, Alabama, Rocky Research is a premier quality assurance firm, specializing in commercial, industrial, and defense sectors. They provide quality control and customer service to their clients. Using the latest technology and a comprehensive approach, Rocky Research is committed to the highest standards of quality and customer satisfaction.


Whether you are looking for a power management system, a thermal management system, or some cool new technology to help keep your power plant cool, Rocky Research has you covered. The company has won major contracts to support the U.S. Army’s highest priority program. Their current location in Huntsville, Alabama will remain a key integration site. Rocky Research’s most recent incarnation is now part of Honeywell Aerospace.

For the past thirty years, the company has been developing innovative technologies that improve the safety and reliability of the world’s most critical assets. They have won many awards for their work and the company is proud to have served many of the world’s top agencies and universities. As a result, they will continue to develop leading edge technologies for the aerospace industry.

Customer service

Founded in Boulder City, Nevada in 1992, Rocky Research is a technology leader in thermal management, power management, and energy management solutions. The company provides thermal management platforms and related equipment for military and civilian applications. Its cooling solutions are used in a variety of applications, including military outposts, disaster relief, and high-efficiency HVAC systems. The company also produces test equipment for other markets. The company employs about 50 people.

Rocky Research has won major contracts to support the U.S. Department of Defense, and its cooling solutions are used in manned and unmanned vehicles. Rocky Research is also exploring sea-based applications. Its solutions are used to manage heat from directed energy devices such as lasers. The company has a facility in Huntsville, Alabama, where it will continue to be a key integration and testing center. The company’s headquarters will also serve as a research and development center for the combined company.

Commercial, industrial, and defense sectors catered to

Founded in Boulder City, Nevada, Rocky Research is a small high-tech engineering company that specializes in thermal management and energy management. Its goal is to surpass customer expectations in the public and government sectors. In order to do this, the company strives to continually improve its products and services. Rocky Research also addresses emerging needs in the Homeland Security sector.

Rocky Research has offices in Huntsville, Alabama and Boulder City, Nevada. The company’s scientists hold many patents related to thermal management technologies. They also have a dedicated group of engineers and technicians working in the company’s Huntsville, Alabama headquarters. The company is focused on thermal management applications and is recognized as one of the world’s leading thermal management design innovations. Rocky Research has won major contracts supporting the U.S. Department of Defense projects.

Location in Huntsville, Alabama

Founded in 2008, Rocky Research is a small high tech engineering firm located in Huntsville, Alabama. Rocky Research focuses on thermal management applications and provides highly energy efficient thermal management solutions. Rocky Research also provides integrated power solutions to address emerging Homeland Security needs. Its products include a deployable Containerized Ice Maker System and an energy efficient ECU with integrated power generator. This company employs dedicated scientists and engineers who are committed to meeting the requirements of its clients.

Rocky Research’s Huntsville facility is fully equipped with a prototype machine shop and an analytical laboratory for chemical analysis. It also has assembly and testing facilities for thermal equipment. The company also holds numerous patents and maintains International Standardization Organization certification. The facility has won major contracts supporting U.S. Department of Defense projects. Rocky Research is an industry leader in thermal management design innovations. Its products include custom test equipment and test platforms.