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Monbebe Dash Travel System

Monbebe Dash Travel System

Monbebe Dash travel system features a stylish stroller with enhanced details and true memory foam on both the stroller and infant car seat for added comfort for baby. This all-in-one setup includes the stroller, Safety 1st onBoard 35 LT infant car seat with 5-point front adjust harness, infant insert, and car seat base.

The Dash travel system boasts many handy features, such as a removable child tray that opens on both sides. There’s also a covered storage compartment and parent tray with two cup holders – perfect for families on-the-go who need somewhere to store snacks, drinks, books and more!

Monbebe strollers and joggers come with air-filled bicycle tires, offering your family extra versatility when exploring nature trails or sidewalks. Plus, with its air-filled bicycle tires and reduced rolling resistance, the Dash travel system is easier to maneuver around obstacles in its path.

Monbebe Dash travel system offers an array of colors, such as Boho Gray and Black Pinstripe. Its stylish yet modern design makes it the ideal choice for your family, plus, with its 1 Year Limited Warranty you’re guaranteed to find the ideal travel system that meets both your needs and budget. So don’t wait – start browsing today!