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Seven Feathers Truck & Travel Center

Seven Feathers Truck & Travel Center

Seven Feathers Truck & Travel Center is an all-inclusive destination for truckers and the general public alike, located off Interstate 5 in Canyonville, Oregon and offering various services like diesel fuel, car charging stations, the latest truck accessories and truck tires.

The best part of this place is its friendly and helpful staff. They are always willing to assist you and answer any question you may have. Moreover, they possess excellent knowledge to help find you the best deals on your next purchase.

Their ‘funnel of fun’ is an exciting feature where you can try your luck at the game tables and win some exciting prizes. Aside from gaming, there’s also an impressive food court with an extensive menu selection to choose from.

Their coffee and tea are sure to please, so why not try some of their hot chocolate or espresso instead? There’s also plenty of entertainment in the form of games and books while you wait for your caffeine fix?

No need to get out of your vehicle to enjoy the show, as they offer free shuttles from their parking lot to nearby hotels and entertainment venues. Plus, their restroom is nicely appointed for added comfort.

One thing to keep in mind when visiting this place is its location on a busy highway. Expect some traffic congestion when you arrive, so it’s wise to plan your trip ahead and contact their customer service team beforehand for advice.