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Wheel Of Fortune 1/3/22

Wheel of Fortune 1/32/22

The Wheel of Fortune memoryries clip from September 25, 2000 features Pat’s children, Patrick and Maggie. They are reunited with their parents for the first time since the show began. In this wheel, Candace solves the Speed-up Puzzle SWISS CHEESE with only the C and H showing. The next day, angie solves the second Triple Toss-Up CARROT STICK.

The Wheel of Fortune’s theme tune, “Changing Keys”, is back, rearranged for a synthesized orchestra. Bleeding Fingers Music remains credited as the composer of the music. Previously, the theme song was played only during commercial breaks, but in the new version, it’s used for puzzle-solve cues.

The first Wheel of Fortune premiered on NBC on January 6, 1975. The show was created by Merv Griffin, a TV legend. In later seasons, Pat Sajak and Vanna White hosted the show. The show has been a hit since its debut. A new season will premiere on ABC on January 7, 2021.

Wheel of Fortune’s new season is a milestone for the show. The show’s 40th anniversary will be celebrated by an “XL Week” with extra prizes, puzzles, and lucky contestants. Among the changes that will be featured in this season are a new puzzle and an LED-screen puzzleboard.

This Wheel of Fortune has a $10,000 Mystery Wedge prize. The first three rounds feature special tokens: a Wild Card which allows a second call of a letter after the first one has been guessed correctly. A Gift Tag offers a $1,000 credit to a sponsored company. The special wedge awards a predetermined prize, a trip, or a credit to a company. The second game features additional rounds.

NBC’s daytime programming division wanted to add more glamour to the show. To achieve this goal, the show’s producer, Lin Bolen, wanted to include a shopping element in the game. This idea was adopted in a pilot episode that featured Chuck Woolery and Mike Lawrence. The pilot featured three contestants, and four rounds of gameplay. The Wheel values increased after the second round.