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Rose Lake State Wildlife Research Area

Rose Lake State Wildlife Research Area

Visiting the Rose Lake State Wildlife Research Area is a wonderful way to experience nature. The area offers trails for hiking, mountain biking, and shooting. You can also view a variety of animals, including deer, elk, and coyotes.

Point at Rose Lake Wildlife Research Area

Located near Laingsburg, Michigan, Point at Rose Lake State Wildlife Research Area offers a variety of recreational opportunities. The area provides habitat for many species of birds, including wild turkey and pheasants. The area is also a popular place for birdwatching. Its primary purpose is to provide diverse habitats for a wide variety of migratory bird species. Grasslands provide nesting areas for songbirds and provide feeding and resting areas for migratory waterfowl. The Rose Lake rifle range is also located in the area.

The Hal and Jean Glassen Shooting Education Center is located adjacent to the Rose Lake shooting range. This facility includes classroom space and a meeting room for up to 80 people. It was built by the DNR with support from the Glassen Foundation. The center is open during hunting season.

The Rose Lake rifle range started out as a gravel pit, and the DNR helped improve it. In addition to improving the range, Stewart also worked to improve the area’s wildlife.

Nature lover’s dream

Visiting Rose Lake State Wildlife Research Area may be the perfect way to spend a day in the woods. Whether you’re a birder, biker, hiker, or camper, you’ll be rewarded with the kind of scenery you’d expect from a national park. Among other things, you’ll find a beautiful lake, some of the best fly fishing in the northeast, and a wealth of wildlife. There are also plenty of hiking trails and a public shooting range.

You may want to consider a trip to the Upper Delaware River Valley, which is home to some of the best trout fishing in the northeast. While there, you may also want to consider a day trip to Narrowsburg, a riverside village with plenty of museums, restaurants, and other fun stuff to do. If you’re in the area, you may also want to consider a visit to the Point at Rose Lake Wildlife Research Area.


Located in East Lansing, Michigan, Rose Lake State Wildlife Research Area is one of the best spots for outdoor enthusiasts in the area. The park features a public shooting range, hiking trails, fishing, and biking. The range is staffed by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR) and offers modern restrooms and customer-friendly staff. It is also home to several species of birds, including ring-necked pheasants and American woodcock.

The DNR has partnered with local law enforcement officers to combat illegal dumping on the trails. The agency says that trash is typically found in small dirt parking lots off the side of the road. The agency will work with local police departments when they get tips about the problem. During the week of June 22, 2022, the public is invited to volunteer to help the park by removing invasive vegetation on the trails. Volunteers will meet in the parking lot east of the Rose Lake State Game Area Shooting Range and work from 10am to 2pm.