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Reversal Of Fortune Cast

Reversal of Fortune Cast

The cast of Reversal of Fortune includes actors and actresses as well as the director and production team. The movie also includes a few key crew members, including schrijvers and other people who work on the show behind the scenes. Neben actors and actresses, there are many characters, including Claus von Bulow, a schmuck.

Reversal of Fortune is a South Korean language film from 2003. Park directed the film and wrote the script. It stars several actors in pivotal roles. It also features the technical crew of cinematography, editing, and music direction. You can visit the Reversal of Fortune Wiki to learn more about the cast of the film and the technical crew. This site provides information about the cast, release date, roles of actors, trivia and shooting locations.

Reversal of Fortune stars Jeremy Irons, a wealthy socialite who is accused of attempted killing. His rich background and the top-notch legal counsel Alan Dershowitz help him appeal his conviction. The movie is based on a true story that depicts the life of the wealthy American upper class. It is a fascinating look at the legal system that often frees the guilty.