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Outdoor Research Tactical

Infiltrator Jacket by Outdoor Research Expands Tactical Line

Outdoor Research, a Seattle-based company that makes gear and apparel for the outdoors, is expanding and rebranding its tactical line. The company announced the changes at the SHOT Show. In addition to the rebranding, Outdoor Research is expanding its line of tactical gear and apparel for working professionals. The new line of products will be available in stores and online.

GORE-TEX(r) Fabric with Stretch Technology

The Infiltrator Jacket from Outdoor Research offers a number of benefits, including weatherproof power in extreme climates and mobility. The jacket also features GORE-TEX Fabric with Stretch Technology. This fabric enables unrestricted movement during high-performance activities. The Stretch Technology is strategically placed in areas of the body that are highly mobile. In this way, the Infiltrator Jacket provides the ultimate in outdoor comfort and mobility.

GORE-TEX Fabric with Stretch Technology is a versatile fabric that is made for the most challenging of situations. This lightweight material is waterproof and breathable. This material is made of a combination of three layers. The first is a thick, insulating inner layer, and the second layer is a stretch layer. Together, these layers create a laminate that is thinner and more flexible than traditional materials.

GORE-TEX is a fabric that provides waterproof and breathable performance in extreme weather conditions. This fabric can be used for everything from mountaineering to everyday wear, and is available in both insulated and non-insulated varieties. It is also extremely flexible, and can be paired with other fabrics with different face textures. The material can be waterproof or breathable and can be seam sealed.

Another benefit of GORE-TEX is the ability to expand. With this technology, the jacket can expand to fit the wearer. It is also breathable, so it allows for full movement. Those who are active in cold weather will enjoy these jackets.

Infiltrator Jacket

The Infiltrator Jacket by Outdoor Research is a unique and one-of-a-kind tactical jacket. Its hybrid-mapped construction and Stretch Technology GORE-TEX fabric provide excellent range of motion. The lightweight Gore-tex also helps keep the garment light. Special stretch panels are located in joint areas for added comfort.

The Infiltrator Jacket is lightweight and packable. Its design is streamlined for greater mobility. The stretch-able GORE-TEX fabric provides full weather protection while allowing for functional stretch. It can be worn as an outer layer or under body armor. It is ideal for extreme conditions.

This jacket is an ideal choice for outdoor adventurers and tactical professionals alike. It’s highly breathable and lightweight, which makes it a great layering piece. It can also be worn over a helmet and is compatible with a climbing harness and pack belt. It features pockets on the back and a halo-hood compatible with combat helmets.

The Infiltrator Jacket is designed for both cold and warm conditions. It offers the perfect balance between durability and freedom of movement. It also features GoreTex materials that are strategically placed for maximum performance. The Infiltrator Jacket is available in Berry-Compliant, Multicam, Coyote, and Mas Grey colors.

The Infiltrator Jacket is available from US Elite in three color variants: Grey, Coyote, and MultiCam. Among the retailers of this jacket are Tactical Distributors, Armamat, and US Elite. You can also purchase the jacket from Outdoor Research.

Modular Glove System

Outdoor Research is a leading company in the outdoor apparel industry. They have won a $54 million contract to manufacture a modular glove system for the U.S. Special Operations Forces. The modular gloves are designed for versatility, warmth, and weather resistance. Whether you’re looking for a lightweight glove for a short hike or a rugged tactical glove for a long trek, these gloves will keep you safe and comfortable.

The Modular Glove System is a revolutionary product from Outdoor Research. It incorporates multiple layers of protective material and is designed to meet the requirements of the US Special Operations Forces. It features advanced seam taping, 3D patterning, and draping to minimize weight and increase dexterity.

The Modular Glove System from Outdoor Research features five different glove styles for different weather conditions and mission requirements. The system includes a fire-resistant liner base layer glove, a next-to-skin glove, a trigger-finger mitten, and a regular mitten. It also includes a white overglove for cold weather conditions. The fabric is breathable and moisture-management is exceptional.

The Modular Glove System is a versatile and functional glove system used by the US Special Operations Forces (SOF) since 2001. Its eleven pieces are designed for rugged military, police, and tactical use around the world. The MGS Shell Gloves are made from 2.5L Gore-Tex waterproof-breathable material. They can be worn as standalone gloves or over combat gloves.

3D Fit Technology

Outdoor Research is a leading manufacturer of tactical apparel and has a dedicated team dedicated to advancing the tactical market. Their mission is to improve the mobility and protection of the end user and design products with innovative technology. This commitment to the tactical market includes investing in R&D and accelerating the product development cycle. The team’s products are designed with the tactical user in mind and are manufactured in the United States.

The Modular Glove System features 3D Fit Technology, which allows for complete freedom of movement and functionality. They are designed to fit over various liner glove combinations, and are made to be comfortable and efficient for use while handling weapons. The Integrated Apparel System includes a variety of liner glove combinations and includes the Infiltrator Jacket, which employs the innovative new GORE-TEX waterproof/breathable stretch fabric.

Investment in R&D

Outdoor Research is a leading name in outdoor apparel. With a strong commitment to American manufacturing and innovation, the company has increased its R&D for tactical gear. It has also hired new personnel to focus on military business development. The company plans to expand its U.S. manufacturing capabilities to support the growing market for tactical gear.

The company has a history of successfully leveraging military and commercial market technologies to develop products for the outdoor market. They also have extensive military and first responder experience. They have recently completed a full supply chain audit and are in active development with textile mills and materials providers to expand their U.S.-made product lines. Moreover, they have a large innovation pipeline. For example, they have successfully expanded into the manufacturing of N95 and surgical masks in just a few months.

Outdoor Research also makes backpacks, base layers, mountaineering gaiters, down-insulated jackets, alpine gloves, and other items. It is also developing cold weather gloves. While the company won’t disclose the exact military uses of their products, they can tell you that they employ a diverse group of workers, including Asian, Cantonese, and Hispanic workers, to ensure that their gear is built for military needs.

The market for tactical and outdoor clothing is expected to grow by over 16 billion dollars by 2022. The wide variety of products available to consumers is the key driver of this market’s growth. In addition to military use, tactical clothing also appeals to civilians. Hence, many world-class outdoor clothing companies are also moving toward addressing the civilian market directly.