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Travelling Merchant Terraria

Terraria NPC Guide

In video games, NPCs (non-playable characters) are an incredibly important part of the experience. They help keep the world believable and alive, while giving players access to new tools and items for exploring and completing challenges. Terraria is no exception to this, with a variety of NPCs that players can meet and interact with as they explore their way through the game.

Some of these NPCs have specific roles and spawn conditions that you should know about, while others can be found on the surface without any effort or even exploration. Here is a guide to all the different kinds of NPCs in Terraria:

Traveling Merchant

The travelling merchant is one of the most unusual Terraria NPCs. He spawns randomly for a day, and does not require his own house to do so. He also sells a wide range of goods during this time, including furniture and vanity items.

He has a 25% chance to spawn each day, and his inventory will change every time he spawns. If he is killed, he will not respawn the next day and will instead disappear after the one-day cycle has ended.

During the travelling merchant’s one-day cycle, he will only spawn when a certain number of NPCs are in your world. This number is set by the mod, so he will only spawn if you have at least two other NPCs in your world and meet his spawn criteria.

NPCs in Journey’s End

After the 1.4 update, managing your NPCs became much more complicated than before. They now have a variety of requirements you need to meet to make sure they stay in your town and provide you with the goods and services that they are meant to.

The first is that they need to be happy with their surroundings, and you need to make sure the biome they are in has plenty of food and water for them. In addition, they must be able to move around freely and not get stuck in their houses.

Another requirement is that they need to be able to see other NPCs, such as pets and town guardians. These requirements are different for mobile and PC, so be sure to read the specific guidelines before trying to get your NPCs to live happily together.

Some NPCs are also able to provide their services even when you are not playing the game, such as the Hairdresser and Painter. These NPCs can give your character a haircut or a new paint job, allowing you to customize your avatar’s look.

They can also sell a variety of cosmetics that you can use to decorate your home or change the appearance of other NPCs in the game. The Painter, for example, sells tiny pixel art that can be used to depict the scenery or icons in Terraria.

NPCs in Journey’s End are a big part of the game, and they are an excellent source of new items to collect. In particular, they are a huge help if you want to play the game on Hardmode. With their help, you’ll be able to progress faster and have more fun.