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Koolatron P95 Travel Saver Cooler

Koolatron P95 Travel Saver Cooler

Cooling or warming, the Koolatron 12 volt cooler uses thermoelectric technology to maintain an optimal environment for food and beverages without compressors or CFCs. Simply plug it in to your vehicle to eliminate costly stops for ice, making this portable cooler perfect for road trips, family picnics or camping/boating trips. For when cooling is no longer required simply reverse its power cord for warming purposes – perfect for keeping leftovers or take-out warm on their way back home!

Contrary to many electric coolers that use an open top to release excess heat, this model features a closed door fitted with an air-tight seal to keep moisture and condensation at bay, improving cooling performance by decreasing how much of that heat must be dissipated through its ventilation hole at once. Furthermore, an insulating foam pad is added between inner and outer shells for additional insulation as well as support during transportation inverted mode.

As part of our tests, the P95 performed admirably as a cooler on hot days, keeping beverages and food cool while maintaining ice-cold temperatures in testing as a warmer. This may be because its design for use in vehicles allows for wider temperature variance than an enclosed room or refrigerator would. To make sure this cooler works as intended for you, we advise pre-chilling any food and drinks before loading into it; similarly pre-cooling plastic containers you plan to use with its warmer function will ensure optimal results.

Travel Saver Coolers boasting 45 quart capacities and unique domed lids are designed to store food and drinks for an entire family’s road trip without incurring costly ice stops along the way. Compatible with any standard 12V outlet in your vehicle and using less power than taillights, these 12-volt cooler/warmers make life simpler on long road trips.

Koolatron’s eco-friendly, iceless thermoelectric technology effectively cools to 40F below ambient temperature or warms to 140F, all with a one year manufacturer warranty for both functions. This compact yet rugged injection molded design is perfect for truckers, campers, tailgaters or anyone who requires an easy yet durable cooler to take with them on the road.

Compare this larger cooler to our top pick, the Koolatron P27, for slightly better cooling performance; however, its price doesn’t justify spending extra. When it comes to build quality and innovation, however, this cooler stands out: it feels more rigid and carefully constructed than most others we tested; also notable is its unique approach for storing its power cord: unlike most coolers which feature either a pig-tail power cord poking out from one of its sides or an exposed socket vulnerable to bumps on the road, this model hides it inside a pop-open door in its lid for ease when packing; make sure this model stands out by choosing our number 1 pick Koolatron P27 as your go-to choice when planning your next journey!