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When Can I Lift Weights After Wisdom Teeth Removal

When can I lift weights after wisdom teeth extraction? Although you will be able to lift light weights for a few days after your surgery, you should be very cautious to avoid causing more pain. While numbness can be a problem, you should try to avoid pushing yourself physically until the numbness subsides. After a few days, light activities such as swimming and walking can be resumed. Avoid lifting heavy objects and clenching your teeth.

After five days, weight lifting is not recommended. Your mouth and face may still be sore. This could lead to jaw grinding or clenching. You should stop lifting if you feel pain. Your jawbone could continue to heal unevenly if it does not. Your surgeon will help you decide when it is safe to lift again. You can also do light stretches and yoga to ease yourself back into your routine.

It is important to avoid strenuous activities for at least the first 24 hours after wisdom teeth removal. However, you can still exercise as soon as your pain is under control. However, you must watch your bleeding closely and limit your physical activity until 24 hours after your surgery. You can resume exercise as soon as you feel no pain or swelling. You may be on pain medication for a few days.

You might need to wait several days depending on the type and extent of your surgery. It can take up to a week for your body to fully recover after surgery. Some people can exercise immediately after wisdom teeth extraction, but many cannot. It depends on their own circumstances and the complexity of the surgery. The dentist should also be consulted in this regard. If you are an athlete, it is best to schedule your surgery during your offseason.

Although you can start brushing your teeth a few days after your wisdom teeth removal, you should avoid touching the extraction area. Do not start exercising too early, as this increases the risk of dry socket, which is a condition in which blood fails to clot at the extraction site. Avoid high-impact activities. You may experience a dry socket after the surgery, which could affect your ability to talk.

Afterward, you can resume moderate exercise. You should limit the intensity of your exercises to a low level until 48 hours after your procedure. If you did have any sedation, avoid intense physical activity for 12 hours. Codeine and over-the-counter pain killers, like ibuprofen, should also be avoided for 24 hours. These drugs can damage the lining of your stomach and make it difficult to absorb nutrients and increase your risk of food poisoning.

There will be some swelling and pain after your surgery. Normal swelling will disappear in a few days. However, if the swelling persists for more than 72 hours, it is important to seek medical attention immediately. You may also experience bruising and bleeding. Depending on the extent of your surgery, you may need to avoid ice and use moist heat. After surgery, you can also avoid strenuous activities for a few days.