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Respironics Travel Cpap Battery Kit

Respironics Travel CPAP Battery Kit

The Respironics Travel Cpap Battery Kit is designed to help keep your CPAP therapy going when there isn’t access to a wall outlet. This CPAP battery kit is user-friendly, lightweight, and provides the ideal balance of portability and uninterrupted power – ideal for camping trips or hotel stays that meet FAA requirements for airplane travel.

Simple and Elegant:

For a sleek and stylish CPAP battery kit, Respironics has kept everything simple with their three-part design: a battery, travel case, and slimline power cable. Compatible with most Philips CPAP machines, this kit has two operational modes that will make your life easier.

UPS: (Uninterrupted Power Supply) This feature can help you sleep better at night, as it automatically powers the CPAP machine when AC power fails. No flickering lights will appear while using this mode; once AC power is restored, the battery will be bypassed and recharged for continuous usage.

Standalone Mode:

The battery pack also offers a stand alone mode which is an uninterrupted connection to the PAP machine without AC input. This makes it ideal for users in areas prone to power outages, since their CPAP machine won’t run out of battery during the night.

Lightweight and Powerful:

The Respironics 90W lithium ion travel cpap battery is lightweight yet powerful enough to run Philips Respironics machines up to 14 hours* and Trilogy ventilators up to 8 hours**. At only 2.25 lbs, it meets FAA requirements for airplane travel while fitting comfortably in either a backpack or glove compartment.

Constructed to Last:

The CPAP battery kit is built to last, featuring an integrated lithium ion battery designed for quick recharge every three hours and a durable travel case for storage and transport. Not only does this offer great portability, but it’s backed by an impressive 6 month warranty as well.


The Philips CPAP battery kit is compatible with most 50 and 60 series CPAP machines, making it a great option for patients using these popular machines. It can even be used with 50/M series machines provided they have an appropriate power supply.

Safety Features:

The CPAP battery kit also has a safety feature that won’t let a patient use the machine with a humidifier, to avoid overheating and potential damage to the battery. It also features a charge indicator LED light to show current charge status.