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Fortune Tellers Deck

Fortune Tellers Deck

The fortune tellers deck is a unique collection of cards that have illustrations that help people make predictions about their future. Some decks are made from wood, ivory, metal or plastic and have illustrations painted on them. Some decks are made of gold and have gemstones that enhance the images. A deck of fortune tellers cards will have a few cards. However, a good deck will have many images.

The Fortune Tellers deck includes 52 cards plus two Jokers. The cards measure about 90 x 60 mm, and the deck comes with a comprehensive, 160-page booklet that explains how to use the cards to make predictions. It also includes a traditional card layout and diagrams for making readings. The book and cards are in mint condition, and the box has only minor shelf wear.

Jane Lyle, an author, created the deck. It contains four suits each of thirteen cards and two jokers. It was originally intended for divinatory purposes and has a traditional feel. However, the artwork is modern-day-friendly. The cards have an aged appearance, and some of them have been updated to reflect the changes in how people use them today.

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