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Lost Ark Fortuna Mokoko Seeds

Lost Ark Mokoko Seeds

You can find the Mokoko Seeds in three places. The first one is found inside a broken cabin, and the second and third ones are found on a wooden platform in the middle of the map. You can also find these seeds on a secret room by using the Song of Resonance, which can be found at a statue on the map.

There are 1,204 Mokoko Seeds in the Lost Ark game. The best way to find these seeds is to use the Papunika map. The map is helpful in finding the hidden treasures. It will help you unlock rewards in Mokoko Village. Using this map will help you find the Mokoko Seeds easily.

The first Mokoko Seed is on the island of Tooki. You will find it next to a giant bust. The second one is next to a small palm tree. The last one is near the cliff’s edge towards the east. Mokoko Seeds are found at different levels. You should be at least level 250 to find them.

Mokoko Seeds are special collectibles and can be found in several locations in the game. There are many different locations where you can find them, including different continents. One such location is the island of Fortuna, located on the eastern continent of North Vern. There are 2 Mokoko Seeds on Fortuna, one in the north, and one in the south. If you want to collect both of them, you will have to approach the seeds and collect them together.

Mokoko Seeds are very important in the game. The Promise island has more of these seeds than the other islands. You will need to be level 460 to gather the Mokoko Seeds on this island, but you can also find a few on the other islands as well.

Another spot to find these rare seeds is on the level 460 static island of Reminiscence. The second seed is between two trees, while the third one is hidden among the rocks. You can get to this location by using the jump mechanism. Alternatively, you can try searching on the island of Volare. The third seed is found inside the flower bush on a rock platform. It is located next to red flowers.

There are four spots where you can find Mokoko seeds in Lost Ark Fortuna. The first one is near the chairs in the top left corner of the map. The second seed is near the second one. The third one is near the fourth one. The fourth one is in the top right section, underneath a table.