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Memphitz And Toya

Toya Wright and Memphitz are divorcing. Toya filed for divorce last Wednesday, citing “irretrievable break.” In addition to filing for divorce, Toya opted to file the papers herself and did not seek legal counsel. Although they have been married for five year, their marital problems are well documented. They appeared on WeTV’s Marriage Boot Camp Reality Stars in 2014.

Toya filed for divorce from Memphitz recently after he yelled at her last Wednesday. According to reports counselors Jim Carroll and Elizabeth Carroll warned Memphitz that their “attitude” would not tolerate him. He apologized to Toya. He was also upset at Toya’s libel about him trying to make amends. He has been working to repair his marriage.

Memphitz’s problems started in his youth, as he was a bitter divorcee and drug addict. Memphitz then became a criminal and killed his father, which put him in prison. Despite his past troubles, Memphitz has found love and a happy ending through Toya. He’s been busy creating a new life for him. It’s only natural that he thinks about her.

Mickey and Toya’s marriage ended in 2016, despite their agreement. Toya filed for divorce in July 2016 citing an irretrievable split and no chance of reconciliation. Since then, she has been in a new relationship. Toya also welcomed her second daughter, Reign, with her boyfriend, Robert Rushing. The couple welcomed their first daughter, Reginae Carter, on 29 November 1998. They had three children together.

Memphitz and Wright were married in 2011. After their marriage, Memphitz has faced allegations that he abused K. Michelle. Memphitz claims he was fired from the job because of the accusations. He also left Wright and filed for divorce. During this time, he has admitted to cheating on her. He also denied allegations that Memphitz had abused his wife.