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If Baby Is Measuring Ahead Will It Come Early

You might believe the worst if your doctor tells your baby is measuring ahead. However, this is not the case. Even though accurate measurements are rare, they can be used to mean different things for different women. In many cases, the measurements are not indicative of any issues, and they do not necessarily change your due date. Your doctor may be right, or she may have miscalculated your due date. In either case, you need to ask your care provider for an explanation.

Your healthcare provider may order additional tests, such as an ultrasound, to see if the baby is indeed growing faster than expected. A large baby can mean that the baby is breech or transverse. You should be extra vigilant about your health starting at the beginning of your pregnancy. However, if you have a large baby, that doesn’t mean it will come early – you might have to schedule a c-section or induce labor to ensure the baby arrives healthy.

Your doctor may also check for signs and symptoms of gestational diabetes. This could cause the baby’s growth to be larger than it should. During pregnancy, the risk of gestational diabetes is also high – if you have gestational diabetes, your doctor will monitor you and the baby more closely. If your baby is measuring ahead, it’s not a sign that it’s too big.

The fundal height is not a reliable way to determine the due dates. It measures the baby’s size compared to your gestational age. Your due date is calculated by counting forty weeks from your last menstrual period. Your healthcare provider will also review your medical history and perform any further tests necessary. A baby that is measuring ahead of schedule is likely smaller than your average size and may be due earlier than expected.

If your baby is measuring ahead, you can adjust your positioning and pushing methods accordingly. A baby growth chart can be used to measure your baby’s size one week before you deliver. This is an easy way to keep track of your baby’s growth and avoid putting a strain on the mother and baby. Your care provider will also offer suggestions for managing your baby’s growth. Then, it’s time to get your baby to meet the world!