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Traveler’s Chosen Catalyst

Destiny 2 Exotic Sidearm Guide – Traveler’s Chosen Catalyst

Traveler’s Chosen is one of Destiny 2’s Exotic Sidearms. It grants players several new benefits, such as Gathering Light and Gift of the Traveler, plus it has a high damage output and impressive range.

Catalysts are essential components of Destiny 2’s Masterworking process. Most weapons can be Masterworked using a Catalyst, though some require you to complete specific activities before they will drop.

Some catalysts are relatively straightforward to obtain, while others might take some effort or require you to achieve a specific objective. Paid services exist that can assist in getting the catalyst of your choice without needing to invest countless hours into gameplay.

Earning the Traveler’s Chosen Catalyst is typically accomplished through core activities like Strikes, Crucible and Gambit. Depending on how many matches you complete in total, it could take anywhere from 3-4 matches to earn your Traveler’s Chosen Catalyst.

Jotunn is a weapon that may drop from Vanguard Ops playlist, Crucible and Gambit matches. Additionally, it has an additional chance to drop from Duality dungeon in Triumph completions.

By defeating 700 enemies with the Traveler’s Chosen Perk, you will unlock Osmosis and Full Auto Trigger System. These features enhance your Exotic weapon’s damage output as well as handling, making it ideal for builds that emphasize quick fire and continuous final hits.

Osmosis increases your melee weapon’s grenade damage when striking targets at close range with your melee weapon, helping you stay ahead of opponents using their grenades. Furthermore, it boosts reload speed and handling when surrounded by combatants.

Gathering Light – Each final blow you deal with the Traveler’s Chosen grants stacks of Gathering Light that can be consumed to give melee, grenade and class ability energy. This makes the weapon ideal for dealing damage during missions or while playing solo.

Gift of the Traveler – Each stack of Gathering Light enhances this weapon’s reload speed, handling and target acquisition. These perks are especially useful in builds using Exotic armor that already features Charged melee attacks, grenades and class abilities as they allow your Sidearm to deal more damage per round.

This weapon is quite powerful, making it a blast to use. Plus, you can upgrade with the Surprise Attack mod to increase both damage and range from your sidearm.

The Traveler’s Chosen is one of the best Sidearms in the game, boasting an impressive range and some impressive advantages. It’s comfortable to hold and has a high damage output.

Fast and agile, its 300 RPM reload time and 15 rounds in the magazine make for easy loading and firing.

It boasts a low recoil and bounce intensity. Furthermore, its wide-angle scope is excellent at locating targets.