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Fleetwood Gearbox Toy Hauler Travel Trailer

Fleetwood Gearbox Toy Hauler Travel Trailer

The Fleetwood Gearbox Toy Hauler Travel Trailer is an excellent way to bring all your toys on the road with you. With a spacious cargo area, this travel trailer allows for convenient storage without storing everything separately.

This model comes equipped with several useful features designed to make camping simpler and more enjoyable, such as the 5500 Marquis generator, fuel station and ice maker. Furthermore, there’s even an ATV garage in front for storing all of your ATVs, bikes and other equipment!

Best of all, this unit is in great shape and ready for adventure on the open road. You will be impressed by its impressive high-tech features; be sure to explore them for yourself!

With some research, making the most out of your RV is easy. To get what you want out of it, contact a trusted dealer who will assist in helping make an informed choice.

No matter whether you’re shopping for an affordable family travel trailer or luxury motorhome, making an informed decision is critical to success. Knowing which floorplan suits your needs best and keeping budget in mind are both vital considerations before making any definitive decisions about which unit is right for you is essential to finding what fits best. It may help if you test drive several units before finding what’s perfect.