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Pediatric Travel Nurse Salary

Pediatric Travel Nurse Salary

Pediatric travel nurse salaries are highly competitive and provide nurses with an opportunity to make an impactful difference in the lives of children while further expanding their nursing expertise. Pediatric travel RNs work in healthcare facilities nationwide providing care services to young patients – they tend to develop strong bonds with them due to their professionalism, effective communication skills, and extensive clinical experience.

As a travel pediatric nurse, your first step should be acquiring your Registered Nurse license and passing the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX). Once that step has been accomplished, clinical experience as a pediatric RN must be gained so you have both knowledge and skills to provide compassionate care – at which point travel nursing assignments will become available that meet both your professional goals and lifestyle needs.

Pediatric RN jobs can be found across the nation in healthcare facilities that need temporary nurses. Traveling peds RNs often share similar job duties to permanent staff nurses; with one major difference: traveling peds RNs must be willing and flexible when taking assignments that may involve moving around frequently.

Your duties may include conducting medical histories, taking vital signs and measurements, administering medications and vaccinations as prescribed, drawing blood for testing purposes and helping a pediatrician examine patients. In addition, peds nurses must possess exceptional multitasking abilities as well as knowledge of different healthcare environments as well as exceptional communication and problem-solving skills.

Travel nursing can be both demanding and fulfilling as an exciting career choice. Travel nurses are in high demand, and often can select their location, contract length and shift preferences according to both their professional and personal interests. Travel nurses also enjoy competitive salaries with full benefits as well as networking opportunities in different healthcare settings across the world.

As a pediatric travel nurse, it’s vital that you remain informed on industry trends and maintain your nursing license. Acquiring additional certifications like Pediatric Advanced Life Support or Certified Pediatric Nurse can further your career prospects. Furthermore, joining professional organizations like the Society of Pediatric Nurses or American Academy of Pediatrics will strengthen your credentials while expanding your network.

Pediatric travel nurse pay rates can differ widely depending on the facility you work in and its location; for instance, hospitals in California might offer higher pay than healthcare facilities in Missouri. To maximize your pediatric travel nurse salary, seek assignments in states with lower living costs or higher wages.