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Travelers Rest Internal Medicine

Internists and Psychiatrists in Travelers Rest, SC

Travelers Rest is an Upstate South Carolina town named for generations of travelers who arrived by foot, horseback or carriage. Now this small city serves as an example of movement and healthy living with its affordable real estate market and varied restaurants and shopping opportunities available nearby; not to mention nightlife options like Swamp Rabbit Trail and Lake Jocassee for outdoor fun!

Internists are medical specialists specializing in diagnosing and treating adult conditions, from the common cold to heart disease and more complex ailments. Internists are well trained in handling a wide variety of adult diseases and illnesses affecting adults, from digestive issues to cardiovascular issues to heart conditions requiring complex treatments such as organ transplantation. Furthermore, internists offer ongoing care of chronic illnesses while making referrals as required to specialists.

Psychiatrists are medical specialists trained to prescribe medication and provide psychotherapy as part of their treatment plans. There are various subspecialty areas within psychiatry, such as dementia psychiatry or addiction psychiatry; physical examinations may also be conducted along with ordering and interpreting lab tests or brain image scans like MRIs or CT Scans.

Many people mistake a psychiatrist for being the same thing as a psychologist; however, these two terms should not be confused. A Psychiatrist holds a medical degree and has gone through years of education and training before being licensed to practice by their state government and continuing their professional education requirements.

Scott Weikle, DO is an Internal Medicine specialist in Travelers Rest, SC who has over 21 years of experience. A graduate from WEST VIRGINIA SCHOOL OF OSTEOPATHIC MEDICINE, Scott practices at Traveler’s Rest Internal Medicine LLC affiliated with St Francis Downtown while accepting multiple insurance plans as one of their highest rated health care providers in Travelers Rest and Downtown.