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What Is Agricultural Research Council

What Is Agricultural Research Council?

The Royal Charter of 23 July 1931 created the Agricultural Research Council. It originally had at least twelve members and no more than fifteen. It was also mandated that it have one member each from the Medical Research Council and the Advisory Council for Scientific and Industrial Research. Today, the Agricultural Research Council consists of nearly 600 employees and funds more than a thousand agricultural research projects each year.

The Agricultural Research Council is responsible for funding and supervising research activities in agriculture, among other areas. Its staff includes researchers, agricultural specialists, and professors. The council coordinates research on agricultural issues for the Development Commission and other institutions. It also funds a variety research centers and institutes.

The Agricultural Research Council is a research organization that develops knowledge and technology to benefit all segments of the agricultural industry. Its mission is to improve the efficiency of crop- and livestock-based agriculture while conserving the environment. It also conducts surveys and offers training interventions. Its vision statement describes its role and emphasizes the importance of excellence within its core business.

The 1956 Agricultural Research Act gave the council statutory responsibility in agricultural research. It transferred the responsibility for agricultural research institutes funded by the state to the council. This act also made the council directly responsible to Parliament for its expenditure. The Privy Council voted to fund the council’s grants, while the Treasury voted to approve or disapprove them. To provide funds for agricultural research, the Act also created a Agricultural Research Fund.