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Little People Mickey Mouse

Little People – Mickey Mouse Operation

Little People is the name of a Swiss band whose music has been influenced by hip-hop and rock. Although they are considered to be a “dance-pop” band, they have an extremely solid sound. They have a lot of musical diversity, including hard-hitting drumlines and piano. They also add strings to their songs, such as on the track, “Idiom.” However, their most important aspect is that they don’t fear adding additional instruments, as seen on the song, “Breathe Again,” which features downtempo singer Rachael Roberts.

The name of the band comes from the producer, Laurent Clerc. He is the son of English and Swiss parents, and his parents grew up running cross-country in Europe and Britain. During his childhood, he became interested in music, and began to write hip-hop and rock songs. After the release of his first album, Clerc became a producer and began working with other musicians. This is when he came up with the name Little People.

In 2006, they released the Mickey Mouse Operation album. This is an album for both kids and adults. It has a lot of hard-hitting drums and piano, but it also adds ethereal vocals on songs like, “Unsaid” and “Breathe Again”. Whether you’re a fan of rap or classical music, you’ll be able to appreciate the music on this album. There are only 300 copies available, so you may want to check your local record store before buying.