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Ask The Fortune Teller Yes Or No

Ask the Fortune Teller Yes Or No

A yes or no fortune teller is an online website that will tell you whether your question is a yes or a no. All you need is Internet access and a web browser. These websites do not have actual fortune tellers, so you won’t be able to see your future but you can still use them to get a little entertainment value.

These websites will tell you the answer to any closed question you may have. However, you must make sure to ask a question that isn’t one you already know the answer to. If you ask a yes/no fortune teller to tell you your future, they will probably miss your question.

If you don’t want to spend your money on a fortune teller, there are many free apps and virtual ones you can play. One popular game is the Magic 8 Ball. This app and toy are easy to use and are very accurate. Just remember to concentrate on the question you are asking and click the Magic 8 Ball when it answers.

Some fortune tellers are also psychics. If you are not sure whether to trust a fortune teller, it’s best to read online reviews of the person you’re considering. If you’re skeptical of the service, you can always try a free chat with another customer to see if it’s right for you.